Greetings from Moss & Mango


As a first post, I wanted to introduce myself and talk a little about my goals for this blog. As a woman currently residing in the Midwest, I live a constant battle trying to find decent places to hike, restaurants that cater to my laundry list of food allergies, and ways to bring modern fashion/beauty to a city that is slowly beginning to thrive in it’s own ways.

I’ll start first in discussing food. After discovering that you’ve got an ever-growing list of food allergies, you have also must discover a new approach to food in your life. Going out to eat becomes an affair in which endless phone calls, internet searches, and hair-pulling ensues. There is also the realization that preparing your own food takes much more planning than simply pulling out the old, family recipe book or tearing any given tasty-looking recipe from a magazine. Over the last few years, I have taken on not only a vegetarian and gluten-free diet for general health purposes, but also learned that I have allergies to dairy, corn, and soy. Yes, it is insane to live by, but no it is not by any means impossible. I hope that through this blog I can shed some light on living with these crazy diet restrictions, share recipes, and get discussions with others started who share similar trials.

Alongside the issues of food allergies, beauty and fashion seem to go hand-in-hand. Having allergies to soy, corn, and gluten often mean that topical products must follow suit. I have tried and tested any brands of beauty products, and would love to be able to share what I have found to work best. Finding lasting lip colors, spending years fighting skin problems, finally getting a foundation to blend seamlessly, and choosing hair styles that keep up with the latest trends are only a few of the endeavors I have taken on and plan to continue discovering and sharing with others.

Finally, outside of the world of food, beauty, and fashion, I wanted to dedicate a portion of this blog to the outdoors. Living in the Midwest and having am ever-present love for mountains doesn’t always work out, but I do try to find the best hiking/backpacking available nearby. I hope to share the mistakes and victories from my experiences with gear, trails, and adventures to all those who share a similar lust for nature.

With that, I hope this blog becomes something outside of just myself, because the things we learn in life are often better when shared and experienced together.


-Moss & Mango


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