Avocado & Egg: My Superfoods


Let’s talk about some food basics.

Alright, for my first recipe-styled post, I wanted to talk a little about my personal superfoods. Avocado, egg, and mango seem to be my go-to foods whenever I am needing a boost whether it be protein, vitamins, or general calories.

With a super restricted diet, I realized quickly that I needed to adjust what my “staples” were going to be. Not being able to turn to bread, cheese, or meat, you have to get a little creative where the bulk of your diet is going to come from.

Now, I highly recommend that anyone with a restricted diet of sorts see a dietician. Having a professional confirm that you are correctly sourcing your protein and other necessary vitamins/minerals is crucial. After meeting with mine, I have realized that my major gap in my diet tends to be getting enough calories in one day, and making every fat/calorie/etc. count.

So, for this first food post, rather than starting with a simple recipe, I wanted to share these staple foods that I rely on, and a few of the ways I utilize them.

Eggs: I go through about a dozen eggs a week. I use them in everything from stirfrys, baking, and more often than not, simply fried with a little olive or coconut oil. This is one of my major sources of protein, and trying to find new ways to use eggs in meals is an on-going goal of mine.

Avocado: Like eggs, I consume avocados like it is my full-time job. I try to eat one daily, and typically that is simply taking a spoon and eating it straight from the peel. But, I do try to incorporate them into my meals as well. I have found that outside of the obvious guacamole creations, I have also found that avocado makes for great pizza sauce, pasta sauce, and general binder in things.

Mango/Berries: These two things make up the bulk of my fruit consumption. Mango is always a favorite because not only is it delicious, but it is packed with Vitamin A and C, which are important for your skin, teeth, bones, and general immune system strength. As for the berries, not only are they super easy to use in a variety of ways, but they’ve got essential antioxidants. Blackberries, blueberries, and goji berries are my personal favorites. Blackberries make a great addition to smoothies and fruit cups, blueberries added to guacamole makes for an amazing sweet/salty combination, and goji berries are amazing when mixed with granola or nuts.

So, with all of that said, I hope in the future to share recipes featuring these types of food staples, and would love to hear anyone’s successes or failures using foods like these in creative ways.

-Moss & Mango


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